Tsutomu Nihei Sale on Amazon/Comixology this Weekend!

Amazon and their ComiXology digital marketplace are holding a sale on twenty-four volumes of work by manga creator Tsutomu Nihei, now through Monday, June 12th.

The first four issues of his new series, Aposimz, are available at .99 each, a 50% discount.

Also available at 50% off vols. 1-3 of the Blame! Master Edition (2016) at 9.99 each. That’s about 1,100 pages of iconic manga for thirty bucks. Netflix recently released a feature length anime of Blame!, so this is a fantastic time to read the series.

Nihei is the guy who brought me back to manga after forgoing it for years, so I’m a huge fan.

Izana and Nagate
Izana and Nagate’s first encounter with the unknowable, all-consuming gauna

Knights of Sidonia (vols. 1-15), Blame! Academy and So On, and NOiSE are all part of the weekend sale.

Here’s the picture links to Amazon/ComiXology (lots of great readin’!):

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